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Being Erica Season Three, Please?

Posted in Television by Felicia on May 5, 2010

Being Erica recently concluded it’s second season on SOAPnet and I am going through serious withdrawal–big time.  It was one of my few comfort shows: I would race home from a grueling three hour night class, make some dinner, flop on the couch, and stay that way for an hour.  I was completely addicted.

The show follows thirty-something Erica Strange– a woman who has accumulated a fair share of regrets in her life, both personally and professionally.   The best part?   She starts seeing Dr. Tom, a therapist that has the ability to send her back in time.  Erica finds herself back in places like high school and college numerous times, but it’s not cheesy.  She learns something about herself and her past choices and gains confidence and understanding for her life in the present.

The ending of the second season was a major cliffhanger, and I am dying to find out what happens next.  But, it’s still up in the air if a season three will even happen.  It needs to happen.  I’m serious.  I really am.  Being Erica season three, please?

*Update:  According to this blog post, Being Erica season three filming begins on May 17th.  If this is true, I am one happy woman.

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