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Movie Review: Dakota Skye

Posted in Movies by Felicia on May 11, 2010

Dakota Skye wasn’t even a dot on my radar until a few weeks ago when I came across it while browsing the lovely world of Netflix. I love independent romance films probably more than any other person in the entire world  so this movie had me intrigued from the very beginning.

The movie obviously centers on teenage Dakota Skye (Eileen Boylan) who has a superpower—she can tell if someone isn’t telling the truth.  If a person lies about anything, no matter how small or insignificant, she can tell instantly.  For the viewers, the truth appears as subtitles across the screen and as you can imagine, they are very frequent.  Everyone she knows tells lies:  even her current rocker boyfriend—what a shocker! 

Enter Jonah, (Ian Nelson) a crush-worthy stoner boy from New York who comes back to visit the town he grew up in.  Jonah is the best friend of Dakota Skye’s boyfriend and isn’t a liar.  Ever.  Dakota can’t explain why her power doesn’t work on him and this turns her world upside down.  Does he really tell the truth all the time?

My favorite part of this movie is watching Dakota and Jonah’s relationship evolve.  Certain scenes gave me goose bumps, mostly because I am a sucker for anything that even remotely resembles romance.  Ian Nelson shines in this film—with his laid back attitude and heartfelt performance that perfectly complements Boylan’s. 

The main problem—Dakota has a boyfriend.  So that means there’s no room for Jonah, right?  It’s fun to watch her struggle between two completely different guys:  one who could use a little more education and a little less lying and another who always tells the truth in-between being all adorable.

So thank you Netflix, for knowing exactly what I would love.  Wait, do you have a superpower too?


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