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Book Review: Runaway

Posted in Books by Felicia on May 18, 2010

Runaway, the latest from author Meg Cabot, is a whirlwind of romance, mystery, and fabulousness.

**Before you dive into Runaway be sure to read the other novels in the series (Airhead and Being Nikki) first.  Not only because they are amazing, but because you will save yourself from confusion.

First off, I adore anything that Meg Cabot writes.  She has a certain kind of personality that shines through in her writing—she’s hilarious, witty, and understands the teenage dialect more than anyone.  With that being said, I knew before I even started reading that I was going to love this novel. 

Emerson Watts, a typical plain Jane high school student, is still stuck in super gorgeous, super famous, Nikki Howard’s body.  Since it was previously discovered that the real Nikki Howard is alive, in another girl’s body, Em is dying to find out the real reason behind this mysterious situation. Why was she put in Nikki’s body in the first place? Nikki Howard knows.  The real Nikki is how everyone remembers her—the kind of girl who gets what she wants.  And what does Nikki Howard want?  Her own body back.  And it seems like she’s not going to talk until she’s back in her glamorous life. 

There by her side to help her is Christopher, her cute kind-of boyfriend; Lulu, Nikki’s former BFF; Steven, Nikki’s brother; and Gabriel Luna, the singing sensation.  Brandon, Em’s worst nightmare and Frida, Em’s little sister are also thrown into the mix.

The conclusion to this series was bittersweet and wonderful—I will miss these characters dearly.  Cabot painted them so vividly that they connect with the reader like old friends. The scenes are fast-paced and enjoyable; the action never faltering.  With a blend of romance and mystery, Cabot fans will surely devour this novel in record time.  Themes of staying true to yourself, being yourself, and beauty are also featured.

I will miss you Emerson Watts-Nikki Howard.  Just because you look different on the outside, it doesn’t change the person you are on the inside.


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