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Book Review: Cum Laude

Posted in Books by Felicia on July 2, 2010

At first glance, Cum Laude, the latest release from Cecily von Ziegesar, may just seem like an older version of the Gossip Girl series we have all come to love and adore.  Take a deeper look, however, and you will find that that is not the case.

The novel follows five students in their first year of college.  Some are struggling to find their way, some are trying to fit in, and others are just trying to navigate the complicated world they have been thrust into.  Ziegesar effortlessly weaves each student’s story together so the final product results in a story about life—the raw, real, unedited kind.

Where Gossip Girl features rich Manhattan teens and their private school world, Cum Laude takes place in the 90’s and its central characters prove to be the kind that each shine on their own.  For example, blonde haired beauty Shipley, the novel’s major focus, is more than just a unique name.  She struggles to come to terms with some family issues, falls into love…twice, and finds college in Maine to be a completely different world from her small hometown.

If you’re looking for a new book to fill your days, give this one a try.  Even though it’s not in Ziegesar’s usual genre, it still is an excellent novel that captures the college life.  With five solid characters, you’re sure to find one you have a connection with.


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